Scotch and Soda – Chord Melody

Now that we have looked at the Chords and Melody for Scotch and Soda, we can start moving onto putting those two things together.  As I was preparing for this entry, my friends at released (in correlation with Matt Warnock) a book on Chord Melody for guitar.  I know, guitar is not ukulele, but many of the concepts are the same. I highly recommend you get the book and work through it best you can on your uke.

Easy Guide to Chord Melody and Chord Soloing

As for this lesson, I made a video where I walk through the tune one measure at a time and describe how we can create a chord melody.  Watch the video for details!

Aside: As I’m reviewing the video to post, I notice a technique I’m using to describe what is going on where I explain where the melody line is finger by finger.  I’ll try my best to continue to do this with posts in the future as it seems to be helpful. Let me know if you agree!

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